New Album Coming!

March 5, 2009 - Welcome to my new site! This site is updated with up to the minute news and events. Thank you for stopping by. ~ Drew March 1, 2009 - It's a snowy winter night in Englewood, New Jersey as I look out the window of Bennett Studios. Inside the south control room, however, it's a hot summer day as a new song 'All The Way' is blaring through the speakers. As I enter the control room, I'm filled with excitement and anticipation for this song. I just co-wrote it with Ari Hest and we're both very proud of the work we've been doing. The recording for this album actually began on a beautiful late summer day last September with myself, twin brother Doug Yowell on drums (and producing), Tom Darby on keyboards, Greg Novick on bass and Eric Salkin standing by to blow his sax into anything we'd ask. (see photos page) Here we are in March...Doug should be up for a Grammy at this point for Producer of the Year. Travis Stefl (our 23 year old engineer) has astounded everyone with his never ending ability... and I have the honor of being surrounded by the best musicians you could hope to have...11 songs about to be mixed and mastered. I co-wrote 2 songs with Ari Hest: 'Covered In Mud' and 'All The Way.' 'Shades of Gray' was co-written with my sister Gina an Kenny Storch. Another song I've been performing for years, 'Between The Lines,' was co-written by myself and Gina. The rest are songs I've written on my own and each one has it's own unique atmosphere of lyrics and melody. Inside this room, all my dreams are coming true. I could not have picked a better producer! Doug has pulled out all the stops musically and otherwise. I'll detail more in future newletters about the amazing musicians who have been walking through these doors to lend their time and talent to what has quietly become a monster of a record. It's interesting how life comes full circle...on this date March 5, 1980 - I played live for the first time ever in a battle of the bands with my brother Doug and our lifelong friend Frank Uvenio (our lead singer at that time). It was the battle of the bands...there we were...12 years old. I was already writing my first songs. We played well....and won! The rest, as they say, is history. Look for more information on this site for a release date. P.S. Ari's new record is being released March 10th (my birthday...what'd you get me?) and he has been gracious enough to come in and give his time and talent to my project before launching his tour. Don't miss Ari on tour and buy the new record. It's already one of my all time favorites. ~ Drew