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music: Drew Yowell words: Gina Yowell-Gerszberg Drew Yowell


Between The Lines I've been going along this highway sometimes I don't stay between the lines I keep asking the same old questions a thousand times how did I get here... and where do I go now I gotta find out what my purpose is somehow follow your chosen road find your light between the lines all my life I followed reason like those signs along that road but even signs can be misleading and then you're lost so I'm gonna go out tonite and find myself out there you can meet me if you want to but I'm not sure where I've gone through so many changes took chances I'll never regret but sometimes your last hope is your best bet looking for self assurance changing lanes from right to wrong pulling over to the shoulder but not for too long so I'm out here tonite where the road reaches into the sky come along if you want to just don't ever ask me why I go through so many changes take chances I'll never regret sometimes your last your best bet some nights the miles go by unnoticed and you look back on your past but like the lights in the rear view mirror life's approaching you fast follow your chosen road find your light between the lines