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I finally found you! (Eric passed along the info!) The site looks wonderful and I will definately follow for updates and pass the info along!! We also need to get a date on the calendar to celebrate the new year! Sending love...
Quick note to let you know you are still in our thoughts. Missed you in July, but I understand. Your music sounds great. Just got back from the wine country and thought about you when we all went together.
You have a terrific website. Please read mine.
OMG! I'm so impressed!!!
The website and music sounds awesome! Happy New Year and keep creating these beautiful songs.
Hey, Drew - Your site looks great, and -wow- the music is amazing. Keep going!! Kind Regards, Emily
could we b related??????????????
QUALITY but didn't expect any less.Get your arse over to England and play your stuff - foods lousy but the beers good.
WOW!!! Drew...I knew when we where little kid's that you and Doug would be a success in music. You're music sounds GREAT...I would love to come and see you and Doug when you're in Chicago. Let me know if you get out here. Take care....tell Doug I said HI.
Just wanted to say hi. Sorry it took so long to check out your website. I really like it. I met you guys while you were mixing your last album at Tony Bennett Studios in Englewood. I was with Tony Smith and Hornrette Washington. Looking forward to hearing great things from you and hope to see you in concert soon. Take care...
Sorry I didnt know how wonderful your music was last year when you were at Jones Beach ( we live on long island, nearby) Any upcoming live dates? We will also be in Playa and Cancun 7/28 - 8/5
It's a simple truth that your shades of gray are between the lines but you don't have the presence of mind to stay
drew that new tune sounds great! Love GaGa
congratulations on your new website! and happy birthday again, Drew! may life bless you with all the success you deserve for your incredible God-given talents and caring heart! Fabulous performance in CT last Saturday! Can't wait until my friends and I get to hear you again. Your friend, Barbara.
Happy Birthday Drew (and Doug) I love you guys... Great site.. The new music is so Fantastic! It's so now and rockin.. I'm so Proud of you for so many reasons the best of which is to be called your Friend... Best of Luck and Wishes Love Frankie
Looks and Sounds Great! Can't wait for the new record. Best of luck.
We love the picture of you and Doug on the couch. The new website is great!
Looks Great. With the black backdrop it really stands out. Good Luck, Make a Million.
Dewey! Awesome website! Which one is you in the baby picture.... My bet is Dougie is the one with the shit eating grin on his face - and your just all happy! We love you. We want to come to the Norwalk Gig tomorrow night. xomar
Nice sight boyeeeeeeeeeee